Teatro dresses: Perfect for every occasion.

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Teatro dresses are everywhere and the styles and designs vary making them suitable for almost all occasions and especially for each individual shape. Women love these dresses because they are incredibly easy to wear and will never fail to let you down. They are the ultimate wardrobe must-have item and even if you do not wear them that often they will always be the dress that you can rely on the most, especially when that invite pops up out the blue, unexpected.

The different styles of teatro dresses range from day wear to ultimate glamorous evening wear. Choosing a design will depend on the occasion and what is to be considered appropriate. It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind and to stick to it as with teatro dresses they can be as pricey or as affordable as you desire, there is no limit.

Examples of styles include,

Celebrity favourite’s bodycon and bandage style dresses which will pull in any figure into shape beautifully providing they are worn with the correct underwear. Body con dresses are not the most comfortable dress you will ever wear in the world but that are statement masterpieces that will sure make a few heads turn.

Wrap and shift teatro dresses are the complete opposite to body con dresses, here you have style with comfort and they are classically beautiful. Other comfortable dresses are the Maxi dress which seems to be growing in popularity of late and is not set to change yet. Grecian style maxi dresses are perfect for glam evening wear but Maxi dresses are also great for casual day wear too and other designs offer a more casual approach.

Remember to make the most of you femininity and show off what God gave you and a good way of doing this by opting for sophisticated and elegantly enduring High-waist two in one pencil teatro dress. Pencil dresses are perfect for offices but also a great modern smart look for wedding guests.

Teatro dresses are also great for Prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses, they can be of any length knee-length or very slightly above or longer but I wouldn’t advise Mini dresses for formal occasions. For those who do like to go for the shorter options then you should consider teatro baby doll and bandeau dresses and for curvier girls these particular designs are your best friend. Plus sizes should opt for a teatro dress that cinches in at the waist to highlight fabulous curves and avoid anything that can leave you looking like you wearing a tent! Make the most of your curves girls, do not try and hide them!

For tummy conscious days, and we all have them! A puffball teatro dress could be your saviour, it hides lumps and bumps yet still maintains a glam appeal, and the plus side is we do not have to breathe in all evening!

For occasional wear these dresses easily fits the bill, explore your options of lace, corsage, one shouldered, tunic and chiffon for something really fancy or try out the tailored designed to fit ranges at department stores for something that fits like a glove leaving you looking amazingly sophisticated.

In a world of current recession blowing the budget is simply not an option for most so opting for a teatro dress that can be worn again is a wise choice. Many can worn differently thus making them very versatile with use of adding accessories. A teatro dress can be dressed up to the max with fabulous shoes and jewellery or simply styled down with summer flats and loosely pinned up hair to create a whole new look. Be wise and adventurous when buying teatro dress and you may even surprise yourself.

These dresses are suitable for formal, semi-formal and even casual evenings but you may find that the more formal the event the more expensive the ranges are. For the best deals around searching online is by far your greatest option. As much as us girls do like to try our dresses on before we buy you may find that by purchasing online you can save yourself a fortune. My advice would be to go out and try on teatro dresses first to get an idea of which types of teatro dress best suits your body shape and then to search online afterwards to get a dress for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to finding a suitable teatro dress that best suits your body shape try and discover your own dimensions beforehand. Hourglass figures are the ideal women’s shape and if you are blessed to have one, then lucky you! Every other shape is trying to be you! For everyone else the focus remains on balancing out our figures to cheat your way to a perfect hourglass, this can be done with teatro dresses. Rectangle shapes are lacking in the curve department but usually have fabulous long legs, see every shape has it benefits! For rectangles you are trying to create a prominent waist and opting for teatro dresses that cinch in at the waist, this your best option at achieving this. Pear shapes usually have smaller upper bodies and larger bottoms; the key to creating your ideal hourglass figure is to balance out the two areas. Avoid shift dresses that could cling around your bottom half and instead opt for figure hugging ensembles that highlight your curves instead. Embellished detailing up top will draw the eye upwards and help to balance out your proportions. Apple shapes usually carry weight around their waist and so you need to try and cheat a pretend one instead, accessories are the key for pulling your look together. A nice belt situated around your waist will add interest and pull you in, having said that chiffon teatro dresses that cinch below the bust line and then offer an a-line skirt look classily sophisticated and elegant on you. Alternatively For bigger upper bodies that have smaller lower halves try out puffball and Teatro dresses with wider hem lines to balance out your body proportions, keep above detailing to a minimum.

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