Bridesmaid dresses: Conventional Wisdom And Modern Trends.

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Although everyone loves a good wedding, Wedding planning is generally one of life’s most stressful times. Invitations, catering, booking venues and finding flowers involve just a small part of the stresses of wedding planning. For women finding the right wedding dress is usually the biggest pressure. Having accomplished this you then find yourself searching for bridesmaid dresses that not only have to fit in with the wedding theme but also have to fit each and every bridesmaid you choose. Finding dresses for ourselves is difficult enough but when you a have to dress other women this can be painstakingly frustrating. I’m sure you will agree that when it comes to clothes we know how fussy women can be!

The more bridesmaids you have the harder the task because not each and every one of them will be the same shape, size and height. And then there is the maid of honours and the flower-girls to consider too! Of course in an ideal world you would choose a particular bridesmaid dress and then pick a size for each bridesmaid and that’s it! Realistically though you will find at least one of the bridesmaids hating the dress because it does not flatter their body shape. To find bridesmaid dresses that do flatter all shapes is a very difficult task unless you are lucky enough to have a group of bridesmaids that are all similar shapes and sizes. More than likely you will be faced with a task of finding dresses that suit curvy, petite and tall girls and they all want to look great on your very special day.

The bridesmaids are very much a part of the wedding album and the photographs will probably be viewed by many for many years after the wedding. The bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding as their role is to support the bride but not to outshine her. The colours of the their dresses need to accent the bride and look effective when next to her dress. It is also very important that the colour scheme of the dresses fits nicely with the men’s suits. What you are trying to create is a selection of colours that complement each other to pull the whole wedding scheme together.

Other important factors to consider when choosing bridesmaid dresses are making sure that the colour of the dresses do not clash with the bouquets of flowers but accent them instead. Brides usually like to add the colour of the dresses into their bouquet to be compatible with them. Men usually add the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses by wearing a tie or waistcoat of similar shades to tie in with the colour scheme. Table centre pieces and chair decorations are other ways of tying the wedding colour scheme together. It’s very important to choose a colour scheme that will easily allow you accomplish this.

Nowadays bridesmaids do not always have to be dressed in typical prom style dresses. In recent years it was very common to see bridesmaid in long or big dresses but weddings have modernised a lot of the years and the requirements seen now are simply any Bridesmaid dress that compliments the brides dress will be acceptable. With regards to length, bridesmaid dresses are very acceptable to be knee-length these days and do not need to be full-length, if you prefer. This is great for wedding planners because it gives us more option and choices.

To be honest a bridesmaid dress is probably only ever going to be worn once. If you prefer the traditional dresses that are full, long or prom style it may be worth considering the options of renting them. If you chose to rent the bridesmaid dresses you are more than likely going to have the bridesmaids measured and fitted and ultimately the dresses should fit them perfectly, resulting in a less of worry about pleasing each and every one of them. The disadvantage to renting the dresses could mean that it could end up costing you a lot more and you have nothing to keep at the end of it.

Buying your bridesmaid dresses can be as cost effective or as expensive as you like. With masses of styles and designs around, it’s not difficult to find dresses suitable for these occasion but it may be difficult finding ones that fit each bridesmaid. Advantages are that the bridesmaids get to keep the dresses afterwards and depending on the style you choose maybe even wear them again too.

Another option worth considering is that it is not necessary to have each bridesmaid in the exact same style of dress. Each dress should be the same colour but if you are opting for neutral tones a beautiful way of blending the bridesmaids together can be done with satin ribbon of the same colour added to each individual dress. It can be effective and it certainly adds interest when people see that effort has been made to select bridesmaid dresses that not only compliment each bridesmaid’s individual shape but also fit together beautifully.

Bridesmaid dresses do not have to be purchased from wedding retailers. You can buy these dresses from any occasion wear section of department stores or online. Do not limit the search to bridesmaid dresses only as you may be missing out on other fabulous alternatives. Look for formal dresses, prom dresses, occasion dresses, teatro dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses for the most glamorous of choices. Also look for shift dresses and party dresses but you never know what you may find.

Once you finally find the perfect dresses get the bridesmaids to try them on, you find that the dresses are almost perfect but need a little adjusting here and there. It’s not expensive to have the dresses slightly adjusted, do not worry too much about finding the perfect fit straight away. Decide on the colour and then find the bridesmaid dresses to start with, then take it from there.

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